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GREEN CAMEL LTD is one of the Leading Suppliers of Diesel and Portable Generators. We also provide After-Sales Services to our customers with our well experienced and skilled engineering team who take up installation and maintainance of the supplied equipment.In addition to our great range of power generators, we provide a wide range of Solar Products such as Solar Pumps,Solar Water Heaters, Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Batteries. Our clients and customers include factories, Utility Providers, Private & Government Contractors, Construction Companies, Airports/Seaports, Government and Private Sectors . We are a specialist service group that caters to the exact requirements of clients using advanced technology, talented teams of multi-disciplinary professionals, and very well established models and standards.

GREEN CAMEL LTD has a proven track record of more than 10 years experience in providing innovation and customer satisfaction across a wide variety of industries ranging from Small to large scale enterprises and corporations. We have extensive experience across the following sectors: Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Agricultural, Healthcare and Hospital, Educational, Banking, Security, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, and Government Agencies/Ministries/Armed Forces.

GREEN CAMEL LTD provides the necessary know-how to power all your systems, studies and selects the required equipment and designs to required specifications. GREEN CAMEL LTD also has the capability to provide turnkey solutions and integration engineering (design, installation and commissioning) for emergency and continuous power supply. We provide the whole turnkey solutions from project documentation and installation of Products on the sites to training of customers’ personnel.

Call Us today on 020 2418161 to find out more about ,diesel generators,portable generators and solar power solutions. If you need emergency power or a reliable solar power backup, our solutions will get the job done.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most respected vendor for comprehensive power solutions in Kenya. Our employee's are treated fairly and respectfully and are excited to be on our team. Our customers consider our service and commitment to be unparalleled.

Our Mission

To provides our customers with quick and professional solutions to their electrical power needs. To operates on three solid principles: ensure optimum quality in every product sold; professional, honest straight-forward relationships with our customers; and superior service for the life of our products.

Our Purpose

  • To be the best-in-class Power-solution provider in Kenya
  • To continue partnering with our esteemed customers and suppliers to ensure our customers’ success.
  • To create wealth for all the stakeholders at every point in the captive Kenya power sector industry.
  • To enhance quality of life by providing innovative and cost effective power solutions.
  • To provide power solutions of global standards by engaging the best of the in-house technical experts.
  • Create a positive Safety, Health and Environment awareness culture within the company.

Our core values



We adhere to international standards of quality, institute stringent quality control processes, and strive to consistently deliver high quality products and services.


We maintain a strong sense of professionalism and accountability. The company seeks to build strong relationships for success.


We continually work to improve the efficiency and quality of our products and services as well as to advance the technology we use.


We guarantee premium products ,as well as focus on longetivity and feasibility for each of our products.

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