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The Green camel is a leading supplier and installer of Generators in Kenya. Diesel and petrol generating sets are used in places without connection to a power grid, or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails. We sell both brand new and used generators in Kenya and the whole of the Eastern Africa region.
Generators are usually mounted outside a building and connected to the consumer unit of the building usually via a change over switch to enable switching to another source of power eg mains power. Small sized generators can be portable and can be used to power power tools, lights and other equipment at construction sites ,out door events etc. We have petrol generators for not so heavy use for the home, small offices and outdoor events. Our main brands for portable generators are Honda and Roomny for this type of activity , which are reliable brands of generator. They range from 0.5kva to 12 kva.
For middle to large power requirements , we have Perkins, Cummins and SDMO . This range from 15kva to 2000 kva.
To determine the size of generator required , you add up the total wattage of the equipment to be powered and consider a generator rated with a higher rating. The Green Camel is on of the biggest power generator dealers in Kenya including servicing in Kenya and East Africa


The Green camel is the leading supplier and installer of generators in Kenya having over ten years of hands on experience.

Reliable service

We guarantee quality generator and generator parts and strive to offer timely services whenever called upon

24 Hour Support

We offer 24 hours on call services subject generators service contract agreement.

Service contract

We offer yearly generator service contract where we do scheduled quartely oil, oil filter air cleaner replacement and general maintenace and diagnostics with an option of 24 hours on call service.


"The Green Camel Investments supplied and installed four automated 30kw Perkins engine generaors in a timely and professional manner in four of our branches, its our company of choice."

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